ANDY Fiebert

Cameraman for TV, event film and corporate film in Berlin

What I do

I have been working as a freelance cameraman and media designer since 2006. One of my main focusses lies in implementing all of the common TV formats; everything from media coverage to journal features and documentaries. Living in Berlin, I often encounter the political scene and conduct live reports for important political events.  

Another focal point of what I do consists of producing and designing recordings for corporate and event films for a variety of international clients. Even the technical implementation of media trainings is part of my work.


I strive to broaden my perspective every day and part of what allows me to do that is working on many different facets of film including multimedia projects beyond standard TV. My affinity for photography and editing film comes in quite handy here.


Among the standard ENG for TV (i.e. Sony XD-Cam or Panasonic P2), I produce events and corporate films in distinguished recording formats, i.e. the Canon EOS 5D, Canon C300 or Sony PXW-FS5. Based on the clients’ needs, I also work with the Slider, Gimbal, Jib and Quadcopter when appropriate.

Additionally, my services include studio camera productions and livestreams using SNG.


To edit raw footage I apply Final Cut Pro X for shots taken nationally and internationally. I am well experienced with data transfer via the internet as well as BEGAN or the popular LIVE-U in crisis zones.


Andy Fiebert